Learning system

Wordshop Academy of Communications provides additional professional education. This means that you can combine training with work and other training (for example, full-time).

Classes are held 3-4 times a week : on a day off, they start at 11-12 am and continue all day, on weekdays classes begin at 19.30 .

On weekends, throughout the school year, classes are held in the workshop of the curator, where students receive the foundation of their future profession. On this day, there are theory and practice. Each workshop includes term papers (at least 1 per year) and one diploma (at the end of the year).
On weekdays, specialized courses are held by other teachers who complement the lessons of the curators and hone additional important skills. Each such course lasts about 3 months. Therefore, there are several specialized courses for each department per year (3-4), and there is only one curator’s workshop (but for the whole year). At the end of the specialized courses pass the views and pass tests.

Also on weekdays are streaming lectures that expand the mind and fill the shortcomings of the previous education (or lack thereof). For example, lectures on the MHC (world art culture), lectures on communication, lectures on music, cinema history, etc. These lectures are attended by large flows of students (from different faculties) and they carry, besides educational, also the mission of bringing all students of the Academy to one community.

Modular system

One of the features of the Academy is the “modular” system, which allows all students to attend any classes within the Academy for a year. For example, screenwriters can attend classes of directors. And strategists can go to account management, digital, or creative activities.

Students can attend not only classes of related faculties, but also any courses, workshops, programs, classes of any faculties. The form of the visit can be any: from a free one-time listening to the topic, to a serious visit to all classes, the performance of tasks and the exam. This makes it possible to gain more knowledge during the school year and become a more versatile specialist.

Obtaining a double diploma often becomes a decisive “trump card” of a graduate in the eyes of an employer, since This person has a lot of knowledge and skills.

The Academy has an integration of faculties, which allows many projects to be done by several faculties. For example, in the production of video directors are involved, students of creative video, scriptwriters, producers. When working on the diplomas of advertising departments (art direction and copywriting), strategists are attracted, who write a brief and brief them on the subsequent work on diplomas. This approach allows you to work out the skills of the “production chain”, which is in real life. The student already at the Academy learns to do projects in a team with the involvement of different specialists and with an understanding of his place in the team.

The Academy has developed an annual course of festival creativity, led by Creative Director of RA Geometry Global Oleg Tumanov and Head of Art & Design Anastasia Bukhonkina. It can be visited by all students of all advertising directions (copywriters, art directors, strategists, producers). During the course, students will work on festival briefs, make boards and case studies and send them to international festivals. The goal of the course is to help children make a professional portfolio, learn how to work with festival briefs, properly submit work to various festivals. And, of course, win the famous international festival. Winning festivals (such as Young Glory, Fakefest, Red Apple, AdStars, ADCR) is not only an image for the Academy and students, but also helps them with employment. Besides, Participation in festivals influences the person’s rating in the industry. In 2016, the top 6 best young creators of Russia (http://adpeak.ru/young/people ) are graduates of Wordshop.

During training, the best industry experts come to the Academy with guest lectures: designers, advertisers, directors, technical specialists, producers. Their fascinating stories and cases help to understand how the business is arranged and what are the requirements for the chosen profession. The big events for students are public open defense of course and diploma projects. They are held with the participation of leading industry experts and often turn into a job fair (since personnel shortage still exists in many creative industries). The jury members often after the training shows invite the students they like to interview. In addition, many junior vacancies from HR specialists pass through the Academy. Similar vacancies are published in closed groups of the Academy on the PB.

During the year, all teachers of the Academy work with students on their portfolio. Before employment, students drive up to work on the portfolio review, during which the selection of the best works and their systematization takes place, as well as the development of a unique concept portfolio of this student. As a result, all of our graduates’ portfolios are not similar to each other, they are constantly replenished and improved and always impress employers with their level and numerous skills.

Extracurricular activities

Also annually all students have the opportunity in March to go with the Academy for a week to the capital of the world (London, Berlin, New York) and listen to the best experts in the field of advertising, design, new media, modern art. The trip is accompanied by a visit to the RA, design studios, video productions, museums, private galleries. Most of these places are closed to visitors and accept only a group from Wordshop (by prior arrangement with the involvement of contacts of the Academy and its teachers).